When were you founded?

Seccl was founded in 2016, but our origins stretch back far earlier, to our co-founder David Harvey's 20 year track record of working directly on platform technology projects. We were also acquired in 2019 by Octopus – a group of companies founded in 2000.
David's experiences with existing software models – which are typically between 15 and 30 years old, inherently inflexible and difficult to scale – led him to a simple conclusion: the industry had to change.
And so he set to work on a an ambitious blueprint, which envisaged the total overhaul of the technology infrastructure that sits behind investments and advice. 
This new infrastructure would be powered by APIs and supported by serverless technology, and built on a radically modern philosophy. In today's rapidly changing world, where circumstances shift almost overnight, and incumbent solutions face challenge from an ever-growing number of new, digitally-minded entrants, platform technology must be designed to integrate, and built for change. Seccl was born.
After two years of intensive development, Seccl gained its FCA permissions and began offering its outsourced custody service in 2018. 
One year later, and with a strong roster of initial clients that included a discretionary investment managers and a number of high-profile fintech offerings, Seccl was acquired by the Octopus Group.

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