What's your mission and vision?

Our mission is to rebuild the infrastructure of investments and advice.

Our mission is ‘why’ we exist. It's the reason we all get out of bed in the morning, and the purpose that keeps us all driving in the same direction. It's to rebuild the infrastructure of investments and advice.

We don’t say it lightly. ‘Infrastructure’ is a rugged word, if not the most sexy. It probably evokes images of roads, railways, bridges and buildings. That’s why we like it.

Because in the same way that engineers in hard hats build the physical infrastructure that make our world function, our engineers (normally in headphones) are hard at work constructing the fabric of tomorrow’s forward-thinking financial services.

We’re building a new, more efficient, more cost-effective and more flexible way for investment and advice firms to work: helping them to manage their client's assets, make and settle investment trades, and place them in tax wrappers, like ISAs, SIPPs and bonds.

And we’re helping firms deliver on all fronts for their clients; from building bespoke investment portfolios, to reporting on their performance and tax liabilities. It’s rugged, mission-critical stuff. And we’re rebuilding it from the ground up.

We’re a business created by developers for developers. Building stuff is what we do. And nothing needs rebuilding more than the investment and advice services on which millions of us will come to rely. It’s why we get out bed. We like to think it's pretty important and exciting stuff.

Our vision is to become the first choice for all investment and advice firms.

This describes what we want to achieve – the end-goal of our mission. And that’s to become the first choice for all investment and advice firms.

We’ll empower forward-thinking, entrepreneurial advisers and wealth managers to build the efficient, customer-centric businesses of the future. Powered by Seccl, they can scale faster, become more valuable and improve their service — by operating their own platform.

And we’ll help fintechs to realise their ambitions, by providing plug-and-play access to financial markets. Powered by Seccl, they can build innovative investment or advice solutions on top of our technology quickly and cheaply.

Setting up a new fintech business? You’ll need Seccl. Want to build the advice business of the future? You’ll need Seccl. Creating a new investment proposition? You’ll need Seccl.

For investments and advice, you’ll need Seccl.

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