What does Seccl do?

We provide the technology that empowers forward-thinking financial advisers and investment managers to improve their service, boost their efficiency and become more valuable — by operating their own platform.

And we help ambitious fintechs to realise their ambitions, by providing plug-and-play access to financial markets. With us at their core, they can build disruptive investment or advice solutions quickly and cheaply.

What services do you offer?



We offer an outsourced custodian service for financial services firms who are looking to safeguard their clients’ assets. For more on our custody offering, see here.


Trading and settlement

We provide a lean, efficient and developer-friendly API, which allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to give their clients full access to financial markets. 

With our technology, users – whether financial planners, end-investors or both – can create accounts, manage payments in and out, buy and sell investments, and hold them in tax wrappers like ISAs and pensions. To find out more about the precise functionality that we offer, see here.

Businesses can either choose to take our technology and build their own user experiences or interfaces on top, or combine with our professional and client portals for a fully-fledged ‘platform as a service’ offering.


Professional and client portals

We have developed two intuitive, feature-rich user interfaces (UIs) to sit on top of our core trading and settlement technology:

  • ‘Professional UI’ – allowing advisers and their support staff to manage client portfolios, and discretionary investment managers to create and manage their investment models
  • ‘Investor UI’ – allowing retail clients to view their investment portfolios

For tutorials and guides to using our UIs, take a look at our help centre.


‘Platform as a service’

Many advisers, wealth managers and discretionary investment managers have grown frustrated with the platforms that they use. Add to the mix the growing downward pressure on fees from clients, and the business case for ditching the existing platforms altogether – and choosing to operate your own one instead – is growing day by day.

But the decision to build and operate a platform has traditionally been so costly or disruptive as to make it the exclusive option of large firms or national networks. That’s where Seccl’s full-service offer can help.

By choosing to combine our outsourced custody service, our trading and settlement infrastructure, and our intuitive user interfaces, firms can operate their own platform more easily and affordably than ever before. 

In so doing, they can own and shape the customer journey from start to finish – offering better service and becoming a more valuable business in the process.

Do I have to use all of your services, or can I pick and choose?

It’s entirely up to you. Our technology has been designed to be modular and flexible, so clients can pick and choose the particular services that are relevant to them.

For some firms, that might be our custody service alone – where we’re responsible for safeguarding their clients’ assets on their behalf.

Other companies, particularly those with sophisticated software development teams and a clear vision of the customer experience they would like to build, might want to take our custody service and core technology, and build their own user experiences or interfaces on top.

While those without dedicated development expertise who are looking for a platform alternative can combine all of our service modules for a fully-fledged ‘platform as a service’ offering.

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