How is Seccl different?

We want to democratise the platform market – bringing the options of ownership, scale and efficiency to more and more firms of all sizes. And our affordable, flexible and easy-to-use technology makes it possible.

But don’t take our word for it. Why not hear what one of our clients – P1 Investment Management – has to say?

What are your main USPs?


We're affordable

We provide an all-in custody, trading, settlement and portfolio management infrastructure that starts at 10 bps. For full details on our pricing, see here.


We’re lean & integration-friendly

Our ‘API first’ approach is built to more easily integrate with other systems and tools; while the fact that we’re free of legacy tech means that we only maintain one lean code base – helping us to introduce new features and functionality more quickly than many of our competitors.


We’re easy-to-use

Our user interfaces (UIs) are clean, intuitive and admin-efficient – and backed up by easy-to-follow how-to guides and ongoing support.

While for those choosing to go it alone with their in-house development teams, our engineer-friendly API documentation will you get to market with your new investment or advice offering in weeks, not months.

In both cases, our dedicated onboarding team will see that you get you up and running as quickly and simply as possible.


We’re flexible

Our technology is designed to give unrivalled flexibility – catering for all sorts of commercial objectives and client types, even within the same firm.

For example, powered by Seccl, firms can manage ‘advised’ clients alongside ‘direct’ or ‘execution only’ investors on the same platform, and allow for the creation of sub-accounts at the individual client and wrapper level (so that the same client can have different ‘pots’).

In this way, platform operators can change individual clients from direct to advised (for example if they’ve reached a situation where the complexity of their financial situation warrants fully personalised financial advice) – or even go so far as to keep some of a client’s accounts execution only (for example a ‘hobby’ pot for armchair investors), while the overall client account is advised.


We’re secure and scalable

Our serverless architecture gives us world-class security and scalability. And our backing from the Octopus Group gives us the best of both worlds – the speed and agility of a start-up, with the financial resilience that comes with being part of a group of companies who now manage more than £8.6 billion (June 2019).

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