What are the key business benefits of using Seccl?

Our investment technology infrastructure helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to improve their service, boost their efficiency and become more valuable. This article explains the benefits for...

What’s in it for investment managers and financial advisers?

Create new revenue – and deliver better

Why have your clients pay for a platform that’s not fit for purpose, when they can pay you to deliver one built around their needs?

By operating your own platform with Seccl, you can own more of the value chain – turning a third-party platform fee into a business revenue driver.

Your clients benefit from an improved, streamlined and invariably cheaper platform service, delivered by someone they know and trust. While you reap the rewards of a more efficient, easy-to-use platform that’s built around your business and run under your control.

Take control of your business

Many advisers, wealth managers and discretionary investment managers are growing frustrated with the platforms that they use. Existing platforms rely on old technology that creates inefficiencies at every stage. Integration is painful and expensive. Administration is difficult. And change is hard and slow.

Add to the mix the growing downward pressure on fees from clients, and the business case for ditching the existing platforms altogether – and choosing to operate your own one instead – is growing day by day.

The decision to build and operate a platform has traditionally been so costly or disruptive as to make it the exclusive option of large firms or national networks – but with our custody, settlement and trading infrastructure, and intuitive client management portals, it’s never been easier.

As long as you have the right FCA permissions, and are prepared to take on the additional duties involved, it could help to take your business to the next level.

The benefits: a snapshot

Own client relationships: Stay in control of all aspects of client communication and interaction
Delight your customers: Deliver a better user experience and pass on savings to your clients
Be more efficient: Fewer manual processes and less dependency on old, inflexible tech
Stay joined up: Integrate your platform with other key systems in your business
Grow your business: Reduce your cost base, boost your revenue and build your firm’s value
Get buy or sell ready: Put tech systems in place that make it easier to sell your book, or buy others

But don’t take our word for it...

Why not hear what one of our clients – P1 Investment Management – has to say? Founded in 2016, P1 is an innovative and entrepreneurial discretionary fund manager (DFM), offering investment services to around 25 financial advice firms and several institutional investors. 

We speak to their founder and CEO, James Priday, to learn how Seccl is helping them to build a more efficient and more valuable business...

What’s in it for fintechs and new-to-market firms?

We help ambitious fintechs to start and scale, by providing simple, affordable, plug-and-play access to financial markets.

By partnering with us, they can outsource the hard stuff (like custody of client assets, and the infrastructure of buying, selling and wrapping investments) and focus on what sets them apart – scaling technology however they want, moulding it in new and exciting ways that we can’t even imagine, and taking it to market in record fast time:

With Seccl, it’s never been easier, faster or cheaper to build innovative investment or advice businesses.

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