How much does it cost to use Seccl?

We want to bring the option of platform ownership to advice and investment management firms of all sizes – and help disruptive firms to bring new and exciting innovations to market more easily than ever before. Our affordable pricing structure reflects that ambition.

You only pay for what you and your end clients use – and so how much it will cost to use Seccl depends on the exact mix of services you’d like to adopt. 

How much does it cost to use the digital custody and trading technology?

This is determined by the portfolio size of all clients using your service, and tiered as follows:

AUM per client Price
£0 to £500k 10bps
£500k to £1m 5 bps
£1m + 0 bps

Clients' platform and adviser charges are calculated based on their end-of-day portfolio valuations during the previous month. Firms will be subject to a minimum custody charge of £36,000 per year. 

How much does it cost to use the Seccl user interfaces (UIs)?

Our UI for clients and advisers is priced at £12 per year (+ VAT) per client, subject to a minimum charge of £36,000 per year (+ VAT). Any improvements to the UI will automatically flow into portals at no extra cost.

What other costs are involved?

Variable costs
There are certain variable costs associated with transacting and trading, although these simply serve to cover the costs that we ourselves take on when facilitating transactions:
Item Cost
Direct Debit (per DD) £0.50
Instrument charge (per year, per instrument) £36.50 (i.e. 100 lines of stock = £3,650)
Fund transactions No cost
UK ETF & shares (bulk traded at end of day) 4 bps per trade (minimum of £4)
Transfers (per line, per wrapper) £1 
SIPP costs

There are also costs for using the third-party SIPP (provided by Gaudi). These will be passed on at cost:

Account Max cost
Accumulation £50 + VAT
Decumulation £125 + VAT (plus accumulation; ie. £175 + VAT)

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